Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine is an integration of advanced biomedical sciences with traditional healing modalities. Naturopathic doctors undergo a four-year bachelor degree and a four-year intensive professional degree. They learn a biomedical foundation of laboratory diagnosis and physical examinations, along with traditional healing modalities such as botanical medicines, homeopathy, nutritional counseling and acupuncture.

As naturopathic doctors, we look at the person as a whole. We see ourselves as detectives getting to the bottom of where symptoms are coming from, instead of covering them up like a band-aid. Every person is individual and treatments are tailored to their specific health concerns.

Our naturopathic approach is a form of functional medicine looking at how stress, lifestyle, dietary, social and environmental factors all play a role in somebody’s journey towards health.

With naturopathic medicine, people get the best of both worlds.  We are able to interpret laboratory findings, for example when inflammation is high, and then offer natural medicine to reduce inflammation which generally has lower side effects.

During your first visit with naturopathic doctor, we spend time to really get to know you and truly listen. We go over your whole health history putting the pieces together to understand what’s really going on in your body. Our goal is helping you achieve your health goals and we’re the vehicle to help you get there.

Our licensed naturopathic doctors are Dr. Serena Markham and Dr. Maryam Ferdosian. Click on their names to learn more.